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Kilnformed Glass Work



My newest body of work, the Tramonto (meaning sunset in Italian)  Series is my homage to Italian master glassmakers like Lino Tagliapietra.  While just as colorful as my previous series, the exacting and tedious process of applying the color, inspired directly from the Italian makers, is what distinguishes this series from my other work. 


The end result, which reminds one of a sunset - and thus the series name - offers a rich and blended slate of colors.



Inspiration for this series came from my travels to New York and all of the different types of graffiti art that I experienced in the city's different burroughs, each with its own unique style and persona. 



Music and dance are the inspiration for this series.  It's an intentional exploration to create beautiful, organic forms.  The vessel's primary color and design are usually accompanied with a contrasting edge color. 


With my other series, the design is the focus.  With this series, the vessel's form is the emphasis.

Dichrosaic Platter_1_1.jpg


My first major body of glass work.

Gently concaved, vividly colorful and multi-layered chargers featuring my favorite type of glass - dichroic - and resulting in a dimensional look.



An evolving of my Dancers Series and inspired by the belief that individual pieces, each singularly beautiful, can be  even more beautiful together.  

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