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In  one way or another, these individuals have all had a profound influence on me as a maker.   


Whether it be their use of color, their artistic career longevity, the methodology they subscribed to in creating their work, their actual work ethic and their own humility about their work or even their approach in creating  a thriving business enterprise from their art, I admire these individuals - not only as creatives - but also for the lasting legacies that each has left. 

I've had the unique and distinct honor to meet some of them but every single one of them have impacted my life as a maker in more ways that I will ever be able to recount.

I hope that I've been able, and will continue to be able, to take the best of each of them, as makers, and in my own way, create work that honors their individual legacies.  

Stephen Rolfe Powell, Glassmaker

Stephen Rolfe Powell piece.jpg
Stephen Rolfe Powell.jpg

Ellis Wilson, Painter

Ellis Wilson with painting.jpg
African Royalty by Ellis Wilson.jpg

Sam Maloof, Furniture Maker

Sam Maloof.jpg

Lino Tagliapietra "The Maestro", Glassmaker

Lino Tagliapietra.jpg
Dale Chihuly Macchia.jpg
Chihuly drawing.jpg
Dale Chihuly.jpg

Dale Chihuly, Artist

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